28 Aug 2009


Posted by JW


We have been seeing some signs of a summer warm days and nights with lots of activity from our visitors and residents.

Flowers in full bloom with lots of activity from Butterfly’s, Dragonfly’s and Bee’s.  Bird activity has decreased as the fledglings are out of the nest and moving on to establish their own  territory’s.   Baby Rabbits have moved on to a new home away from our vegetable garden.

We have not seen any new creatures lately but we did find one interesting occurrence of a Cicada molting.  We found this carcass on a Yucca and after identifying  it  learned a little about Locust and their life cycle.  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.




Animated Gif of a Cicada (Tibicen sp.) Molting. Taken by T. Nathan Mundhenk, in Centerville, Ohio USA July 30 2007. Each frame taken at 1 minute intervals. 30 minute gap in middle while cicada rested. The Cicada takes about 2 hours to complete the process.

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation

Slide show of a few other things we have captured with a Camera.

Click on the first thumbnail to start show, then toggle from side to side by clicking on the double arrows by the captions.  Click on the image to return to blog.

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  1. Neat stuff


    jwlw Reply:

    Neat Stuff, what did Kyle think of it ?





  2. beautiful pics, as usual




  3. HI Cynthia: Glad to see you are still looking at my blog, see ya next time.





  4. I love these photos of the critters and creatures in your lovely gardens! I especially enjoyed the ‘video’ of the cicada emerging…great you found it on wikipedia. I had a couple of them here, too…but didn’t stay around to watch them molt. Thanks for stopping by…and letting me know you have gotten your blog settled since I first stopped by in May!!



    Jan (ThanksFor2Day)

  5. HI Jan: Thanks for visiting, come back any time you are always welcome. I will be over for a visit to your blog soon, will let you Know when I was there.

    Good to meet you, have a great day,




  6. I really enjoyed getting to look at the birds and bugs all together in a slideshow here! You have some really good ones that I hope you make into gift cards Liza! A series using the bugs and butterflies would be fantastic!




  7. S. Liza say’s she did not know she was going to make note cards.

    I think using the slide show is a great way to present things. It however takes a lot of time and work to set-up. All photos have to be sized and then loaded into the blog and then each one has to be given a caption. Plus I have to search Liza’s photos for them, there are thousands of them.

    Thanks for stopping by,




  8. Learning a ton from these neat arctelis.




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