10 Mar 2014


Posted by JFW


Someone is moving into the neighborhood


With our available  nesting sites you never know who is going to show up.  Have not seen who or what created this.   Will be watching it to see what or who is  using it.  The tree that this is in is a dead standing ash and is hollow at least at eye level.  Perfect conditions  for nesting Birds or Red Squirrels.   


If you look real close at the brown area behind the white fence you are seeing bare ground.  First place to show up still 2 ft. of snow in most areas.  It is under a large Hemlock so I guess that the snow did not get as deep under there.  After a few more warm days I am sure some more bare ground will be showing up.  This is just another sign that spring is coming.


The next picture is showing the red skins of some berries that the birds are eating.  I think it is the Starlings.  Not sure where the berries are coming from we do have a lot of Bittersweet in the neighborhood it is more orange in color.  Usually towards the end of March the Bluebirds are leaving orange-colored droppings. 



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  1. One year I had some barn swallows start to build a nest outside the window, but our cats seemed to have scared them off before they got very far. Sometimes such starts never materialize, but I hope yours does. I envy your many bluebird visitors!


    JFW Reply:

    Ilona, Around here we have many tree dwellers. Squirrels, Woodpeckers, Chickadees and others. There are hundreds of acres of woods behind us. Lots of places for wildlife to live. Bluebirds are our favorites.

    Have a wonderful evening,




  2. How cool, love your pictures 🙂 The hole in the tree looks like it was made by a Pileated woodpecker. Here is a link to a post I did on the Pileated woodpecker. http://michaelswoodcraft.wordpress.com/2014/02/28/pileated-woodpeckers-hammer/

    If you have time check out my recent post on bluebirds building a nest.





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