29 Jan 2016


Posted by JW

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Liza and John’s Garden has been quiet for too long.  It’s dedicated to our Gardens.  However I have allowed it to also be part of our wildlife habitat.  Today I posted the first post on a new blog called Liza and John’s Habitat  LIZA AND JOHN’S HABITAT   You can go there and sign up for Email notification.

From now on Liza and John’s Garden will be about our Gardens and the other  one will be about our Habitat and Wildlife.  Our Gardens and Habitat are in Atkinson, NH  and Okeechobee, Florida.

Habitat Blog has a few glitches that we are working on and Garden Blog needs some editing for the gardens only.

These are two different Themes and will need some adjustment  to keep them working.  Both will need to meet the requirements of each blog.

That’s it for this post.  please adjust your Subscription information as your interest.

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