8 Sep 2009


Posted by JW


Over the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of activity in our garden.  Starting with the need to replace the line’s to the well.  That required the Kubota to be here for clean up and allowed us to do several other projects that required the tractor.


Liza now has a Bubbling Frog Fountain.



We had to have new lines put in to the well. From the 70 ft. trench we acquired several large rocks and one BIG one. Now what do we do with them was the question.  The BIG one was pushed out to an area we are developing into a garden.  The others were placed around the edge of the sock garden.


The Backhoe had all it could do to get this one out of the ditch and move it out-of-the-way.  Only other alternative was to try and bury it but determined that would only come up with more rocks.  So now we have a new project to place this one and create a new garden around it.

IMG_3401 2K


With the help of some other rock’s we have been accumulating and a Kubota we placed the rocks around the garden.

rocks new 2K





While the Tractor is here we are doing  many projects that require it’s assistance.  Cleared a way to get small trucks into the compost area,  moved some logs to the back side of old garden to be used as retaining wall, dug out some more rocks that we’re coming up in the lawn and doing any thing that requires heavy lifting.

It’s real nice to have a Daughter and Son in Law that let you use their tractor “THANKS”.

Fall is arriving and that means time to do projects like establishing new garden beds  for next year.  We are still cleaning up from last winters ice storm and the cooler weather makes that easier.  Some large trees that have to come down due to Ice storm damage.

That’s it for this post.  Still asking you to comment to let us know you are getting Email notices.  Or just to say HI and let us know you stopped for a visit.

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  1. Your very welcome~



  2. Hi Felicia: Must be your Tractor, thanks again




  3. Very impressed with all the activity at your place.
    I only wish I could have big rocks hiding in my yard. Have to pay for them here :) Just alot of clay here :( Constantly amending…..

    Everything looks great and Love the Frog Bubbler fountain.



  4. HI Joyce: Lots of rocks here. I guess to send you some we would have to hire Harry Potter and his magic wand.

    Thanks for stopping by,



  5. Your garden looks great – I really envy you that flower bed behind the frog fountain.

    jwlw Reply:

    HI Sue: Thanks for stopping by. You are our first commenter from Italy. I was on your site earlier today and have you bookmarked.
    Nice job, Great site.

    Have a great Day,


    Sue in Milan

  6. Hello JWLW! It’s my first visit to your blog. Thanks for the message you left on my Blotanical plot. I wish I had such big rocks which I could use for my garden projects. My soil is sand and rocks, but not such big as yours. I love the frog fountain, too. Happy gardening!

    jwlw Reply:

    HI Tatyana: Thanks for stopping by. I will be over to your blog soon, will leave a comment when I do. You are welcome here any time so come back and visit us again.

    Have a great evening’



  7. Wow! You lucky things you to get such nice big rocks! Of course digging them up wasn’t probably exactly a fun time but that big one is still a very good one none the less. Weren’t the rock steps and the rock walls at the place you visited awesome? Oh what I wouldn’t give to have those half moon steps! John, I gotta say you look very dapper sitting there on that tractor amid those blooming flowers! Suits you nicely! But I have to ask, what is a sock garden?



  8. HI S.: A sock garden is one that is shaped like a sock. One of our winter projects is to come up with names for our gardens and garden rooms. In the mean time they get called whatever is handy at the time.

    Yes I think C.L. is very lucky to have the location that supports the need for Rock Walls. Did you see the walk way she did with all different type’s and shape of stones. Its on her Blog.

    You think the geek on the tractor is dapper, he’s nuts so i guess that makes him dapper.

    “O” NO I called you S. again

    Good night,



  9. Thanks for visiting my blog, John…I enjoyed visiting yours! You know, some folks actually PAY for nice big rocks like yours! I have the best luck with them in the landscape if I bury them up to their widest point (usually corresponds with original soil level) makes them look solid and…grounded? Anyway, nice use of your local materials; I look forward to more visits!

    jwlw Reply:

    Laura: I really enjoyed visiting your blog. Thanks for your visit to my blog. We have lots of good rocks and boulders as well as some ledge in our garden. As our gardens grow and expand we are having to find more uses for them. We consider the whole 10 acres our garden so the potential is unlimited.

    Thanks again for stopping by. Have a great day.


    Laura Livengood Schaub (InterLeafer)

  10. Hey John
    Took a tour of your blog and pics. Great rock! I acquired some rocks from a neighbor a few years ago. Put 3 on one side of driveway and 3 on the other then planted sedum, grasses, perennial salvia and low growing perennial verbenia. Wanted to keep it simple but multiseasonal color. It worked great, especially after I got mulch(over newspaper) to keep the weeds out.
    Like you weeding, mulching and gardening in general this year was a challenge with all the rain.

    Love all your compost piles!
    You have a great site! Love all the photos, videos, garden tours and sharing!
    Enjoy some warm restful times in Florida!



  11. Moni: Glad you enjoyed your visit, come on over any time you are always welcome.

    Have a great evening,