7 Jul 2014


Posted by JFW

Did not do much gardening today.


Real lazy today, spent most of the day in a lawn chair with camera in hand.  I did wander through the gardens and watered some seed I sowed yesterday and looked at some Forsythia cuttings that need to be potted.  Also checked out several Hydrangea layered growths they will soon need potting.  Not much else to say about this day except it was a beautiful day just right for relaxing in the garden and listing to the sounds of nature.


Every thing is green and growing fast.



Scarlet Tanager paid us a visit. It has been several years since we last saw one. Spent quite a bit of time so we think they are nesting close.



A little later he was back. Singing the same song.



Water Lily in full bloom. Looks like two more ready to open.



Clematis doing well on new wheel.



Not sure what Butterfly this is, or is it a moth. Several of them around today.



Mother Sparrow watches as young ones learn about the feeder.



Male American Goldfinch actively feeding on Agasthche.


Probably should have mowed some of the lawn and areas that are getting tall.  However the Mower is out of gas and so is the gas can. Too lazy to go and get some gas. Will get to all that another day.

 That’s it for this post see you next time. 





One Response to “IN OUR YARD July 6”

  1. Everything looks wonderful. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a Scarlet Tanager – striking. I worked outside for a while in the morning but had to take a break and then went back out to finish up some stuff in the afternoon. The humidity we’ve been having just drains me. I like your idea of the lawn chair. 🙂


    Judy @ NewEnglandGardenAndThread