31 May 2009


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Old stone wall was looking pretty bad and we had tried to garden around it for years but not much grew except for rocks.   On one side a lone Daylily had made it,  on the other side several daylilies had survived.  We where opening the area up to get more sun in and needed to do some thing with the stone wall.   Due to the fact that it would be a major operation to remove the wall and several stumps and all the tree roots we decided to build a raised bed around it.



Those old pine logs where handy and became the frame of the raised bed.  Dug out as many rocks as we could and put them on top of the stone wall.   Then we set the logs in place and lined the bed with news paper working around the daylilies.   Next step was to put a good layer of old horse manure on top of the news paper about 4″.  Then a layer of compost covered with a layer of  decomposing leaves.  Final layer was super-loam covered with some mulch.

TYurkey helping to set logs

Turkey Helping to Set logs

In June we went to a Round Up  plant swap and came home with a bunch of plants.  Most of them went into this bed.  We also had some Petunia’s  that needed a home so in they went.  Things did real well considering when they were planted.

Fill Up Complete

Fill Up Complete

In the fall we went to another Round Up and came home with some more Daylilies, in they went.  Late in the fall another layer of mulch was added for the winter.  This spring things have developed very well.  Most of the plants are up a going, no great losses.  Some old Daffodils that had never done much came up and had full bloom.  Planted some more daylillies on the back side along with some other lillies and so far all is well.


Late Summer 2008

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3 Responses to “GOOD USE OF LOGS II”

  1. Good Morning! What a wonderful idea. The final appearance of the new garden bed is stunning. The lovely growth proves the importance of excellent soil base. Great job!

    One question….I can’t quite see how you joined the logs at the corners. Are they just laid together? Or are they actually joined in some manner? It looks very neat and tidy and long-lasting.




  2. Good Morning Beth: I use a 1/4 x 6″ Lag Screw at each joint. Drilled a hole first and sunk the head of the screw to hide it. Rocks where also used to keep logs in place.

    Have a great day,




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