20 Oct 2014


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As summer shuts down and winter is approaching we are seeing the Habitat shift in feeding needs  and the arrival of different birds for the winter. As the insect population goes under cover for the winter the activity at the feeders increases. Woodpeckers and  nuthatches coming to the suit.  Purple Finches, White-throated Sparrows, Chipping Sparrows have arrived.  Saw a Carolina Wren and a couple of Bluebird’s the other day.

Changing the feed from mostly seed mix to suit, dried meal worms, Peanut butter mix and a new feed block.  Feed block has about everything, nuts, fruit, dried meal worms, and other things.  Will be hooking up the heated water soon.  Peanut Butter mix is very popular with all the birds.  It is Crunchy Peanut Butter, old fashion Oatmeal, Grape Preserve and what ever else get put in.

Chipmunk population is decreasing as they prepare for winter.  Red and Gray Squirrels are increasing as they move in for winter.  We have a squirrel feeder but it also attracts Deer and Turkeys.  May try to set it up so as not to attract them.  Signs of deer activity are showing up as our gardens are still very eatable subjects.  Hydrangea are still full and green and some Deer thinks that we grew them just for it.  Some Hosta look like I mowed them with a weed whacker.


Fledging Northern Cardinal. Seem it is the last hatch. It is the only one that has not started to color out. has been around for about a week and a half. Should soon start to color out.



Several Chipmunks are busy filling their cheeks with seeds and depositing them for the winter food.


Slide show is of some Bird photos taken during September and October so far.

To view the slide show click on one of the photos then use the <<  >> symbols to navigate.  If you click on  photo you will return to the post.



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  1. Yes, fall is certainly upon us. The last of my tomatoes are coming out today. Do you put food out for turkeys? We have a large flock roosting two yards away. Thanks.


    JW Reply:

    HI Judy: We do not put food out for the Turkeys. They come and feed under the bird feeders.

    Have a great day,



    Judy @ NewEnglandGardenAndThread

  2. Wow, this is in every reecpst what I needed to know.




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