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About Us

The Purpose of this blog is to share our gardens and other hobbies with our friends, relatives and all others interested in enjoying them with us.  We have about 10 acre’s here in southern New Hampshire that include: Trees, Ledge, Rocks, Gravel, Loam, Hard Pan and other natural things. We share our garden with many creatures like Deer, Birds, Squirrels, Bears, Turkeys, Frogs and Toads, Snakes and so on.  If it exists in our area we have it living here or it has visited us.

Liza has become very good with her camera and has a vast photo collection to show.  Most photos used in this blog are by Liza.  John is learning how to be a photographer also.  Some of the photos are by John.

We also have at this time 4 Dogs, Mozart, Penny, Charlie and Bella.

Bird Watching is one of our hobbies and we have a wild Turkey named Lucy who visits us on a regular basis.

As the blog progresses we will be posting many subjects and articles about us and other interesting things around here.


This little be is having thanksgiving

This little bee is having thanksgiving


LUCY is my name




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